That Dreadful Day

The day I confronted Tim about the videos and photos shattered my soul into a billion tiny pieces. I waited a week, in hopes that the situation would disappear, however, the problem became a persistent ringing in my ear.

I couldn’t ignore the constant nagging at my heart anymore. I planned out exactly what I was going to say to Tim. Writing my words out obsessively. I studied my lines, word for word because I was going to let this man know how I felt. I wanted justice for Tim’s actions.

Every bone in my body boiled when I thought about Tim. I had enough of how he treated me and played the victim my entire life. Typical narcissist. I finally had proof of what this man is capable of. I can finally get my family, especially my mother, away from this secret, manipulative monster.

Little did I know my mother would be the one to stab my back harshly and repeatedly. My mother wanted the monster and chose to throw her daughter in the trash.

I walked into the house, went to my room, like normal, grabbed my belongings, and walked to the living room where they both sat. I looked at my mother, teary-eyed, and quietly said, “ I love you. I don’t blame you. And I am here to protect you.”

Tim sitting on the couch, starring blankly at the computer screen, looked up and looked me dead in the eyes. I instantly felt the rage take over my body. “You need to show mom what is on your computer!” I screamed. He stared vacantly and said,” What do I need to show her?” I screamed again, “You need to show mom what is on your computer!” He hurried to delete the evidence on the computer and ignored EVERY word I said. However that didn’t bother me, I had the proof on my phone. I again looked at my mom calmly and helplessly and said, “I love you. I have something I need to show you that will cause you turmoil and instant pain, but I am here to protect you.”

My mother began crying as did I. I didn’t want to break my mother’s heart. She loved this man, and I was about to destroy her whole entire world. One shaking hand grabbed hers while the other presented the sexual videotapes. My mother began sobbing uncontrollably. Tim said nothing.

He refused to look at the two women who he destroyed. I ask him why? He remained silent. This man felt no remorse for what he did. I could tell by the evil look in his eyes. I wasn’t going to waste any more time on that piece of crap monster. I looked at my mother and asked her what she wanted to do.

This is where my heart was shattered. My own mother asked me to leave, so she could be with the man that sexually videotaped her daughter. I looked at her powerless. I started crying and asked, “Why mom, I need you?” Why?” Paralyzed, my mother quietly said, “Brittian you are just different. You are just different.” I ran out crying not understanding why I was different? And why didn’t my own mother love or want me? Why did Tim win again, even with proof?

Because I was different?

I never thought I would overcome the pain of losing my mother. I thought the stab at my heart would continue to slowly bleed out and eventually end my life. The pain was unbearable. And as I look back on this day, I remind myself. I am different. I am strong. I am brave. And I will conquer.

And I am beyond happy my mother chose to turn her back on me, I wouldn’t understand the true bliss of happiness. ♥️