The Words to My Father

For years I have let you haunt my brain. The questions of why never stop flowing through my head.

Why can’t you tell the truth for once? A man is not a coward, he owns up to his mistakes even if it destroys himself.

YOU decided to adopt me. YOU decided to take my father away. And it sickens me because it was only for your guilty pleasure.

You never loved me. You only saw me as a tool or a weapon. I was your property. I refuse to be your property anymore.

I want to stand up for what is right even if it destroys me. I will not be a coward and hide in the shadows.

I want people to know who you truly are instead of the perfect man you claim to be.

I didn’t bring you to court to destroy your life, I brought you to court to prove to myself that I can be strong enough to overcome you. I look at you today and all I see is a sick pathetic man that loves children. A man that loves to control, manipulate, and destroy. I see a man who deserves nothing but has everything. I see a man who emotionally and physically ruined my body. I see a man who gets to walk out today a free man because he waited until I was of age to leave a paper trail in hopes that he would get love in return.

It’s pathetic really. You get to walk out of this courtroom today and live on with your life in denial while I deal with the pain you put upon me. I never asked for any of this. I never asked for a creepy man to become obsessed with me, but yet you’re the one that everyone seems to protect.

Somehow you become the victim while I was the one that everyone questioned even with proof. I lost my mother. I lost my brother. I lost my entire family because of you. I was alone and scared while you had the comfort of many.

No matter what happens today though, I win. I win because I faced you I stood up for myself when all of you though I would run and hide. I am showing everyone who Tim really is. A cowardly man who loves children. You no longer have the power to control my every move. I will walk this earth with joy and forever remain humbled with grace that I chose to walk away from the hurt and pain. Never lose sight of the joyous nature around you. Life is beyond precious. 🌎