Dear Officer

I grew up admiring your every move and existence. I looked at those powerful, beautiful, blue suits and was in awe by your strength and resilience. I was taught to respect you. You were there to protect me from the evils of the world. However you’ve hurt me worse than my own abusive father. I trusted you to hold me up high. I trusted you to protect me from the evil world around me. The only thing you taught me, dear officers, is that no one should be trusted. My case against my abuser means nothing to you. All you care about is the next easy arrest, meeting your quota, and forget about the humans, especially women, that are screaming for help. If you focused more on the human race maybe, just maybe the drug problem would decrease in popularity? Why would you not take time to review the evidence that could potentially put my abuser behind bars? Why would you not take the time to look at my case? Big or small, I had concrete proof of my abuser sexually videotaping me. And that isn’t worth your time? I am sure if I was your daughter, your thoughts would be different. If I can’t turn to the one group of people that are suppose to protect me from harm, where do I turn? Dear police officer why don’t I matter to you?