Circumstances No More

As I watched the illuminating sunrise this very morning, I decided today would be a wonderful morning to read my past journal entries.


Some days my brain and I need a few positive moments to push through the day. Some days are just damn hard for no apparent reason.

I don’t remember the exact day this entry was written, but I do remember thinking the antagonizing pain would never fade into the depths of the ocean.

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The ocean, over time, taught my helpless body how to love again. For some strange reason, I always believed I could only find love through intimacy with a physical person. Probably why I jumped from boy to boy, sometimes with a girl in-between. But the sad truth until a few years ago I didn’t realize the wonders around you can heal your soul even better than the love from a human.

The ocean, oh man the ocean, all at once slapped my depressed, dark circled, hazel eyes back to reality. The gentle air, most of the time, calms my achy bones and brings my breathing back to peace.

The moment I let my body heal itself, I’ve never felt such gratification towards MYSELF.

Even though I struggled through a terrifying, dark time, I made it out alive.

I found my peace and learned to do it alone, even though I had the comfort of a few loved ones. I was fortunate enough that those around me knew this is an aspect of my life I needed to face alone. Only I can find my own Justice. Whatever it may be.

So please don’t give up. No matter your circumstance.