Dear Little Me…

Dear Little Me,

I know you feel so overwhelmed right now. That use to be so long ago. All I want to say to you sweet darling is love does exist. I promise you.

And not the love that is shown by our parents. Especially our father. Our father is a cruel, cruel man who has demons that he’s never faced himself. His actions are not our mistake. As you grow older you will come to realize what your worth truly means to us.

We are worth so much more than how you feel at this exact moment. I know our father stripped you of our innocence leaving us to try and comprehend emotions beyond our brains function. You will work through each and every emotion with time, perseverance, and hope.

Hope is what fuels our soul. And don’t you dare ever forget that. You are such a special soul with circumstances that were beyond our control. But all the pain you will encounter will be worth it.

All of it. I mean it. And to those voices that appear in your thoughts from time to time. Grow to be in charge and don’t allow Bartholomew or others to ever let you believe anything otherwise. You are the one in control of your body.

Your thoughts are the worst parts of you, most days, but there are some occurrences where they will help you shine when you least expect it.

You just need to believe in yourself. Truly believe in yourself, and they will soon follow.

I love you sweet, sweet girl. And just know that you got this. You only need you to survive.

But allow others to help you. There are a few souls in this world you can truly trust. Always listen to our gut, she’s never steered me in the wrong direction, only when I ignore her I find myself in trouble.

And when you find yourself in trouble. Think before you act. Your impulses will be the death of you if you just don’t take a second to breathe.

When you make mistakes. Don’t beat yourself up too much. Trust me those around you are not as innocent as they claim to be.

And allow yourself to enjoy life. You totally deserve it, even when our parents tell you otherwise.

You are always worthy of love. Always.

I love you.