Anxiety can be controlled, right?

You know the panic you’re feeling as of this moment. The gut-wrenching feeling of loss all around you and no control over yourself or others.

The thoughts begin racing into your imagination without control. And keep getting louder and louder the more you try to ignore?

The thought of containing a virus that according to the news could potentially kill you? Or maybe you’re struggling with the thought of being locked into your house, essentially taking away your freedom? Or maybe just maybe you’re concerned about your next meal on the table?

Those emotions or thoughts you are experiencing in your brain are thoughts that decide to roll into my mind on constant bases.

Will I have a job tomorrow? Will I be laid off due to little income? How will I pay my rent? How will I buy food? And simple supplies like toilet paper?

No panic needs to arise for my anxiety to skyrocket.

I live in this state of panic all the damn time. Always. Yes, maybe this is a time when the panic might be necessary.

But as I begin watching those around us. The ones screaming at the world. Their paranoia begins to set in and their skin begins to crawl.

And those once “rational” people, as they like to call themselves, are failing to take that much needed deep, deep breath. That apparently according to the majority of these folks should solve all the emotions bottled up.

The problem is solved if you just take a second to think right? Or maybe just maybe, your deep breath just isn’t enough to shake that panic boiling throughout your body.

Is your get over attitude still working? Are you just getting over it? As you would say?

Are your actions justified? Because there is an pandemic rising fastly around us?

Like yelling at your poor waiter because of the regulations you wanted to enforce? Or hoarding all the food and supplies so those that truly need it have a harder chance of survival? Leaving those that actually need supplies, like me, in the hands of hopeful opportunities.

I have lupus. Fuck man. And you bastards couldn’t leave a package of toilet paper?

All because of the panic? This might be a silly question but isn’t panic an emotion? An emotion that we mental health warriors can control? According to you.

Maybe just maybe, those of you that believe the mental health stigma isn’t real, should sit the fuck down, take that deep deep breathe and “learn” to control your emotions.

Because anxiety can be controlled right?