We Can Conqueror the Universe Together….

I just want to start off by saying that I am not a therapist nor a doctor. I am just a warrior trying to help others realize they’re not alone. Alone in the fight against mental illness.

And fuck man no matter what you may have at this moment all of us are struggling just the same. Every single damn one of us is locked away with our thoughts. Confined to a place with no physical escape. Or so it seems.

I have such a desperate desire to go to the beach. The only place that gives my achy body peace, but then Anxiety loves to roar in my ear that I will expose myself.

According to all the experts, my lupus is a cause of concern. But what do I truly believe?

I just wanted to reach out and share some of my techniques that I use to help get me through an overwhelmed day. Not all of these ideas work when I want them to. Sometimes it takes numerous different ones to make just a slight difference.

All of us are uniquely beautiful. But all you need to do is try. Just try.

Over time I’ve learned that if I keep up with the hard work, eventually I will see an outcome. And the outcome I’ve so desperately wanted.

Sometimes the want is just to be at peace with my thoughts, even if it’s just for a few moments. Or sometimes it’s to simply just have the ability to brush my teeth or take a short five-minute shower.

Simple tasks can feel quite overwhelming right now.

I thrive off of routine. And when my routine is disrupted, I feel as if my whole world is going to collapse.

These last few days my voices as I like to call them, have been slowly creeping into my thoughts as we all watch the world around us began to panic each day that much more. The media being the most desperate of all.

Like why do they enjoy thriving off our vulnerability? I just will never understand. But that is for a different day.

So as my world began to crumble. Or so it seemed. I promised myself what I was feeling was quite normal. I just needed to learn to adapt to my surroundings. It will be difficult, but worth all the trouble.

And once again, once I find my smile, I will realize I fought like hell, and came out of my dark hole even stronger. Victory is the only option. Way too many of us are suffering for this to be ignored. Grateful is beyond how I am feeling.

And I want to help remind us all that we have so many things to be grateful for.

Over the next few days, I will be releasing my first podcast, YouTube, and continue writing to you all about the techniques I use.

And the actual tools that I use. That is mostly free or at least have a free trial. The techniques are not only actions, but they’re also people that I follow. People that have helped save my life more times than I can count. Their methods work with true results.

Just like I said many times before, you just have to try. And have the mindset that you’re willing to change. Without positivity, you will go nowhere.

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We are all in this together. And all of us deserve to be here. And yes we are fighting like hell to survive, but I promise you all of us will become even stronger.

I just know it.