Step One: Just Breathe

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So on this day, for whatever reason, I decided to try a combination of techniques that I found worked in the past.

And just a reminder I am not a therapist nor a doctor, just a Warrior trying to make a difference.

We are all different, so what I might do, might not work for you. But if these ideas interest you. You should at least try. And not just for a day, at least a week. Probably more.

Change is not immediate. Change always takes time.

And the first obstacle I had to overcome through this pandemic was changing my routine.

Routine is one of the best ways to keep my bipolar mind grounded.

I wake up. And before I even opened my freckled, hazel eyes; I remind myself ten times about how wonderful I am.

Whether it’s me just reminding all my voices by continuously saying, “I am worthy and deserve to be here.” Or if I need just a little extra love, I will remind Her, the leader of my voices, and her favorite minion, Anxiety, at least ten reasons why I am such a badass.

“I faced my abuser. I disconnected from those that chose to feed me with fake love. I spoke my truth, even when no one thought I would.”

But yoga practice is for a different day.

Now this is when all of us will uniquely shine. What might work for me, might not be the best option for you.

My self practice is longer than most. An hour at least. All I have is time. Especially now.

My man is at work. I can’t work. And I don’t have kids. Unless you consider a one year old puppy a child.

Just try. Trying is all that matters.

And speaking of trying. I start off my morning practice with quite of a challenge.

The Wim Hoff Challenge.

Before you scroll away saying oh great yet another hippy method. There is actual scientific proof behind this problem solving theory.

Click link 👇🏻 for more info

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He also is Episode two on The Goop Lab on Netflix. You will learn everything you could ever desire. You’re welcome.

Because let’s be honest he knew if he told me I couldn’t do it, that was going to be the first damn thing I was going to do in the morning. Without question. WOMAN POWER!

So I woke up that morning determined to prove to Mike that I too could accomplish a simple task he asked of me.

So I clicked on the YouTube link, mind you no knowledge of who this human is, and popped on the screen was a bluish, gray tie-dye background, with a deep yet calming male voice telling me, “Welcome.”

I started laughing. I honestly had to start the video over quite a lot. I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that a breathing technique was going to “cure” my racing thoughts. Oh and better yet relieve my anxiety.

But I had to prove Mike wrong, like I try to always do, so I finally got my shit together and actually listen to what this Wim Hoff had to say.

I sat up straight and crossed my pale legs. With my hands in my lap and my hazel, freckled eyes closed gently.

And I began actually listening with my tiny, little ears, with Wim calmly telling me to breathe with him. And that is what I did.

Now I could sit here and tell you exactly how my experience was. But that shall be a story for a different day.

All of us are uniquely beautiful with different experiences. I think it would be rather rude to decide your faith.

So for today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you may be bored. I just want you to start with Wim Hoff’s Breathing Technique. You can go through the links above and do heavy research on this mysterious Wim Hoff.

Or you can be like be and go in blindly. It’s how you feel. Some of us like to prove points while others want to research to see if it’s worth their time.

Both valid. But this is how I start my routine every single damn morning.

With Wim Hoff. And trust me within the next few days we will talk about the man he came to be.

And many more methods that have saved my life more times than I can count.