Step Three: The Uncertainty of it All

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We Can Conqueror the Universe Together….

Step One: Just Breathe

Step Two: YOU have Control

So I marched back out into the living room, after what seemed like a lifetime of trying to convince myself otherwise. And turned on the Wim Hof Breathing Technique Video one last time.

I closed my freckled, hazel eyes and enjoyed each moment that was presented at me.

Now again I don’t want to ruin or advise you on what your experience should be. But, I will tell you this.

Wim’s Method, a simple 10 minute free tool, changed my whole perspective of myself with just the snap of my fingers.

He taught me mind over matter in only a short few moments. And fuck I’d been searching for the answer of how mediation worked for so long.

I just never seemed to be able to actually focus my mind, or my voices as you could say, on just my breath.

However Wim’s method taught me how to focus on my breath or better yet lack there of after just the first time.

My mind was completely blown by what I just accomplished.

I just held my breath for a whole 2 minutes. Yes you heard correctly a whole, two damn minutes.

And that is when I realized that I could convince myself that I was capable of accomplishing absolutely any damn thing.

MY mind. MY mind. MY mind.

My mind has complete control over my entire body, thoughts and physical aspects included.

I mean fuck I just held my breath for 2 minutes, now I can hold for almost 4, and absolutely everyone has always told me that we NEED to breathe.

Just like we NEED clothes, the most trendy clothes at best.

Or we NEED meat to provide our protein.

Or better yet we NEED a vaccine to cure viruses of the unknown.

Which brings me to today, April 16th, 2020. A day way beyond 6 months later where I never thought in a million years this is where the Universe would be at this exact moment.

Broken with just a little too much uncertainty surrounding us.

Uncertainty of how we are going to pay our bills. The uncertainty of how we are going to provide food. And the most gigantic uncertainty of them all is the cure. The cure that is going to save us from the silent killer, the Coronavirus.

And the funny part of it all, and the best advice I could give to you at this very moment, is to just believe in yourself.

To truly look into your exhausted eyes and remind yourself of your worth and that YOU are the only object that’s needed to help you through this uncertainty.

Money provides fake love. The love that wants attention, but never wants to give any sort of affection in return. Money only takes, takes, takes.

And yes as I see those 1200 dollar checks flying into the hands of everyone I know.

I of course did something incorrectly and now am waiting, waiting once more. I know I cannot be the only one attempting to patiently wait.

Wait for some type of comfort. Or the comfort of control I should say.

But at least I am in a place where I am stable. I have a man that is essential to our community. But I however don’t really know what’s better.

Because being an Essential worker during this time of uncertainty is only proving once again money has the power to consume absolutely every damn thing. Reminding us or at least trying to convince us that money is the ultimate tool to being happy.

And fuck as I am jealous of those around me getting their 1200 dollar checks.

I realized that fuck it’s not the virus or the mental health of those struggling that will be the ultimate killer of us all. Money will be the silent killer.

Money is the root of all evil, but yet so desperately craved.

I just couldn’t believe those were the first thoughts I woke my hazel eyes up to this morning.

“Where is my money?”

Realizing that I’ve allowed an outsider to consume my thoughts, I brought myself back to my breath.

The breath that Wim Hoff taught me. The breath that made me realize all those many, many days ago that I have the control.

Not money.

Not food.

Not Lysol or toilet paper.

Just simply me. All I need is me to survive this.

It really is that simple. You, yourself just need to believe it first.