Just a Simple Reminder ❤️

Yes I have made more mistakes in life than I would like to admit.

I’ve lied. I’ve manipulated. And I’ve been selfish and hurt everyone I use to love.

But the way I see it is I could sit here and dwell on my past or I can move forward and learn from those harsh, harsh lessons.

I most definitely want to help others realize that they aren’t alone when certain circumstances are presented at them.

Every individual on this planet earth makes mistakes. And countless at best. It’s apart of being human.

And I never want another soul to have to believe such harsh, negative thoughts of oneself.

As Mental Health Warriors we are never really given the benefit of the doubt. We are tossed to the side like garbage.

But to me it’s quite funny that during this time of complete uncertainty, we are the ones holding our shit together.

The ones reaching out our hands to help anyone in need, even those that have done us wrong.

Because, because we understand how it feels to live in a state of complete panic.

This uncertainty around us, is bottled up in my thoughts, wanting to escape at the perfect vulnerable moment.

Wanting to release the dragon and burn my positive emotions to the ground.

But because I know how to live in this state of panic, I’ve grown to realize a simple tool. A tool that doesn’t cost a dime. A tool that eases the mind without a pill or the bottle.

Quite frankly I find herb helps this technique thrive with success. But that’s just me.

And that tool is taking just ten minutes out of your day, to clear your thoughts, and live in a moment of silence. A moment of nothing.

And just to be present. Be aware of what is around you at that particular moment.

Once that feeling of hope begins to rise. Hold onto that emotion and embrace it through each calming breath you take.

And simply remind yourself how wonderful you are to this Earth around us.