To Those that Serve The Public:

To those that serve the public,

I just want to start off by saying I see you. I hear you. And I am so damn proud of you.

Right now the World is full of so much uncertainty and those that haven’t dealt with stress in these magnitudes are being quite unpleasant in certain moments.

I know it’s hard to keep that smile on your face, when you are being lectured by individuals about wearing masks, while some are quite frankly forgetting their own damn advice.

I know the feeling of confusion and how to handle each individual that puts themself into your work. Will they be friendly? Will they scream if I forget to sanitize after each touch of just about anything? Or will I just receive dirty looks for doing what I believe is best for me?

The World is in complete chaos. And it breaks my heart that the fear has risen to this magnitude. For living in fear only makes the hell that much worse. From my hazel eyes anyways.

But I just want to say, I know it’s hard, but when I look at those that are screaming at me for whatever I might be sanitizing wrong; all I see in their exhausted hazel eyes is fear.

And fuck has fear consumed my life more than I would like to admit. Self-sabotaging and causing my whole world to turn upside down. Hopefully this chaos surrounding them helps certain humans understand what mental illness truly is.

But that is just a thought.

A thought that hopefully will help others understand.

And all I can understand from those that serve the public, is we are the ones that are the glue to keeping the economy going. We are the ones that provide a little bit of normalcy for those that are ready to embrace it.

So to me, those that serve the public need to be recognized as heroes of this pandemic.

And for that I am forever grateful for every damn one of you. And proud of myself for standing bravely through this madness.

And trust me there are those out there that are on our side, just remember to cherish those individuals that much more.

We all got this. I promise you. ❤️