Just a Little Intro

Life is what you decide to make it. And i decided long ago my life would be full of color.

No matter and I mean no matter how upside-down your life might become. Don’t you forget to look at the beauty around the chaos. Even when the chaos is consuming your life and flipping your Universe completely backward, don’t you dare give up hope. But mostly don’t you dare give up on yourself. You always matter. Always. No matter what your circumstance may be. 

And if life is drowning you completely, take that deep breath, take your exhausted body outside, and look up at your confusing Universe around you. As you glaze up and down at the joyous nature around you, embrace each vibrant color you see. And remember you were put on this linear Universe to be apologetically you. 

And whoever that may be, for me I am a bipolar, sexual abuse warrior, just looking to make a slight difference, and remind all of us that we are never alone. Remain humble. Be bold, And remember your worth. 

If you would like to continue my journey with me please check out the link below.